Get the Perfect Blow Dry

Always wondered why you look best right after leaving the salon? It is most likely the blow dry that puts your hairstyle in the best light! Learn how to do it the right way and look good the whole day with our instructions here.

Begin with your freshly-washed hair that is already conditioned in the shower (only at the ends for those with fine hair). Then dab your hair to get rid of the excess moisture but never rub them dry.

Before blow-drying your hair, some might choose to put moisturising products on before the blow dry. Generally, those with fine hair should go for mousse and thicker hair would require stronger products such as gel, creams or wax. A good styling product adds body for those with fine hair and keep frizz that is common for thick or curly hair at bay.

Now for the blow drying! Get a good ionic hair dryer with variable speeds. An ionic blow dryer emits charged particles, otherwise known as ions, that bond to one's hair and as a result, dries your hair faster with less heat. It is also said to be gentler, and help prevent split ends and frizz.

Now that you have gotten your blow dryer, separate your hair into a few manageable sections, depending on how thick your hair is, and secure with hair clips. Worry about one section at a time, alternating hot air with cold air, but do not make haste as speed drying may cause other problems.

Start from the roots, holding with your fingers. Use the dryer to shoot air from the crown down; directing the air flow downwards but keep the dryer at least six inches away from your hair. This sounds like a simple task but it is actually extremely tiring to hold the hairdryer for an extended period above your head. At any time you feel your hair is too dry from the blow dryer, re-moisturise with a spritz bottle.

Next, use a round-barreled brush to pull through your hair as you blow dry. Again, this sounds like an easy task but it is actually tougher than it seems; just try handling the blow dryer and styling gel with your fingers at the same time! There's no shortcut for practice here. The hairdressers at salons have long hours of practice every day. That is why they are so fast and efficient.

Repeat the steps section by section, taking your time to create the perfect volume before finishing off with a cold blast and applying serum for a fresh-cut look.  

Tools you will need:
- Styling product
- Wide-tooth comb
- Wide-barrelled brush
- Clips
- Good ionic blow dryer

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