The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors

Directed by Takashi Shimizu (Ju-on), The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors is Japan's first ever horror foray into the world of 3D.

10 years ago, young Yuki (Misako Renbutsu) mysteriously disappears at an amusement park's hospital-themed horror house. However, she returns unexpectedly at the doorstep of her friends, Ken (Yuya Yagira), Motoki (Ryo Katsuji), Rin (Ai Maeda) and Miyu (Erina Mizuno). The group, though startled and feeling a tad uneasy, welcomes her. Later, she faints in a sudden and they rush her to an old and dusty hospital only to find themselves trapped within a horrific labyrinth.

The original screenplay by Daisuke Hosaka is inspired by Senritsu Meikyu (The Shock Labyrinth in Japanese), an attraction at the Fuji-Q High Land amusement park close by Mt Fuji which holds the Guiness World Record for the longest horror-house walkthrough. Some parts of The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors is actually filmed in the amusement park.

Expectations for The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors are buffed up with Shimizu's reputation, the promise of 3D and top that with a number of Japanese actors like Battle Royale's Ai Maeda and Ichi the Killer's Erina Mizuno, one would expect great eye-popping horror in 3D but might end up disappointed. While little could be said without revealing too much, it seems that the horror guru has not regained his touch since the failure of Grudge with cheesy 3D effects, underperforming actors and a confusing plot.

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