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Produced by local production house Clover Films, and supported by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) and the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), Love Cuts is a heartbreaking and poignant film about breast cancer and its implications for victim, family members and friends.  

Queen of Caldecott Hill Zoe Tay will be baring her body and soul as a 40-year-old mother Cecilia, who is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer – she poses nude for the movie poster. The story focuses not only on the painful effects of treatment but also on how the disease may affect a patient's family and friends.

The talented seamstress and mother of two, rebellious 15-year-old son Howard (Edwin Goh) and adorable nine-year-old daughter Mabel (Regene Lim), has a relatively boring but peaceful life with typical arguments and problems any Singapore family would have. Yet in an unfortunate twist of fate, she discovers a hard lump in her left breast. But thanks to her resilience and the support of her husband (played by veteran Hong Kong actor Kenny Ho), she pulls through chemotherapy and even inspires Kristie Kong (Christy Yow), a model who is diagnosed with the same illness at the peak of her career. Allan Wu plays a cameo role as her boyfriend Timothy.

Love Cuts came across as a low-budget film with adequate performances from its cast: Zoe Tay plays her "auntie" role with charming grace; Kenny Ho convincing as a supportive husband; Christy Yow's performance distracted with an annoyingly dubbed accent; and Allan Wu's nude scene unnecessary but surely a draw for female fans.

It seems to be the season for Singapore films with two others playing at the same time. While Love Cuts might not be as engaging as Changi Haunted or thought-provoking as Sandcastle, the public message film successfully brings greater awareness for breast cancer and, judging on how fast the HPB pamphlets outside the theatre went, more are convinced to go for regular screenings.

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