Angelina Jolie's latest movie, Salt, is generously peppered with a great deal of absurd stunts and action, including some adrenaline-pumping chase scenes. But atop a weak plot, the movie leaves much to be desired.

Salt is directed by Philip Noyce (The Bone Collector) and stars Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt, a sexy yet scary CIA agent. Or wait, is she really a dormant Russia spy in disguise? When Russian defector (Daniel Olbrychski) points Salt out as a long planted spy, she flees only to be pursued by various US security agencies. For what reason is what keeps the movie going: Did she flee to find her husband? Or was it really to complete her mission of assassinating the Russian president? Perhaps it might be because she is unsure of who she really is?

With sleeper spies making headlines recently, especially that of beauty queen Anna Chapman aka Anya Kushchenko, one would be more open to believing in authenticity of the film. However, one would find herself momentarily forgetting that Salt is a human, despite being CIA-trained. She acts superwoman and could easily put James Bond as well as Jason Bourne to shame; She leaps from one vehicle to another with no sign of injury, and gets shot but bears the pain with just a sanitary pad.

What I strangely find amusingly entertaining about this flick – and have to further suspend disbelief – is in how girly action flick Salt could get. Evelyn Salt risks her life to save her little doggie, uses her pantyhose to block a security camera, and next, her sanitary pad to suppress a bullet wound. Well, if these tools are all that's required to deter national security, then I don't know how safe we are anymore.

Nonetheless, Salt is to be applauded for minimal CGI effects used and chase sequences well done. And in all, with the beauty cast in the role of such a sexy spy, Salt is a must-watch for all Angelina Jolie's fans. Despite the lack of romantic scenes, Angelina is cast in such good light that we cannot help but again affirm her Hollywood reigning sex symbol status and ability to draw large audiences with her star power.

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