'Killers', directed by Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth), falls in the same genre—romantic-comedy cum action film—as popular Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005 and upcoming 'Knight and Day'. FreshGrads finds out if the 'Killers' is worth a shot in the cinemas.

The plot could be easily deciphered from the trailer: Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) is an assassin for the government accustomed but tired of living life on his toes. So when he meets computer expert, plain-Jane Jen Kornfeldt, (Katherine Heigl) who is recovering from a break-up by the French Riviera, he promptly trades his exciting secret spy identity for an ordinary life. Jen, on the other hand, blissfully but unwittingly marries Spencer whom she thought was the man of her dreams—good-looking and safe with a dislike for bungy jumping. 

Fast forward to three years later, the couple is living out the domestic dream going for neighbourly block parties, having an active sex life and enjoying their careers. However, Kutcher's past returns to haunt him. His ex-boss resurfaces and all of a sudden, he finds a twenty million bounty on his head and hired killers—from Jen's best friend, Spencer's horny colleague to any random neighbour on the street—on his heels as he struggles to find out who hired them to take him out.

It was strange enough seeing Kutcher and Heigl in a show and to make it worse, their performance was sub-standard with barely any variations in expressions other than surprise and squeals. Sure, there were funny moments and enough action to go by for a comedy film, but there was a sore lack of character development as well as a well-paced script to engage the audience.

All in all, save this for a nothing-better-to-watch movie night. Somewhat Knight and Day of a similar plot, starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, might be a better shot for the theatres.

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