Sex and the City 2

Following Sex and the City (SATC), which raked in a good USD4 million, the four fashionistas–Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha–returns in a somewhat satisfactory part two.

In the second installment of SATC the movie, SATC 2 begins with the glamourously-clad girl-gang at the gay wedding of Stanford (Willie Garson) and Anthony (Mario Cantone) against the background music of "Sunrise, Sunset". And boy, do things look pretty right from the start.

The foursome got all they wanted in life but are doubting if they even want all that in the first place. They each face a new set of life challenges: Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), now made a partner at her corporate law firm, meets the devil of a new boss. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is now stressed-out mother to the "terrible twos", one of whom is an ultimate weeper. To top it off, she also faces the threat of an attractive nanny (Alice Eve). Samantha (Kim Cattrall), of course, stays a swinging single but not without troubles of her own. She pops vitamins and other youth-enhancement pills to maintain her drive with young good-looking dudes. Last but definitely not the least would be 45-year-old Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) who is having problems dealing with her marriage–the newlywed bliss is over and now pressured by the unconventional route of opting for a childless marriage. What's worse, to complicate things, she plays with fire upon unexpectedly running into old flame (John Corbett).

SATC2 sure meets its fans' expectations for a great fashion show of a movie–they change in practically every scene–and with an exotic backdrop in Abu Dhabi where Samantha lands an exclusive PR job. Nonetheless, without smart punchlines and a solid plot, it runs for an unbearably long 150 minutes. In this second helping of SATC, I also had enough of indulgent and even inappropriate behaviour coming from ladies of their age. Please, spare your audience of a 60-year-old scantily-clad in tights and mini skirt and dancing. Parents should also be warned of excessive sexual innuendoes by our dear Samantha.

My advice? Nonetheless, brainlessly enjoyable but preferably saved it for a girls' DVD-night session with the children kept safely away.

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