Ninja Assassin

Ninja Warrior, by director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and starring Korean heartthrob Rain, reminds one of Kill Bill except that it makes the latter seem much less bloody and more dull.

Brought up and trained from young by the Ozunu clan, Raizo (Rain) becomes a deadly assassin. But after witnessing his first love's heartless murder - they literally dug out the heart of traitors or runaways - he has since broke free of their rules and seeks revenge for her with his adopted "father".  On the other hand, research assistant Mika (Naomie Harris) stumbles upon a trail of clues that confirms the existence of the secret society of a clan. Alas, her persistence results in the Ozunu Clan sending a group of killers led by Takeshi (Rick Yune) after her silence. Raizo rescues Mika from his ex-clan with a trail of shuriken fast and furiously following from behind, and of course, leading to the grand showdown between Raizo and the head of the clan, his "father". 

Ninja Assassin went against FreshGrads's expectations of a cool, silent film of nimble ninjas to a dark, dim and ostentatiously loud action flick. The obscure fight sequences are fast, blatantly fake and gory with excessive spurts of CGI blood right from the first scene - where one villain gets his head sliced off and the other, his body - and hence, leaving barely enough space for a dramatic crescendo. 

The flashbacks to Raizo's childhood were good though not enough to convince us to recommend this film to non-action film fans. Action and gore film fans, however, should definitely catch this on the big screen for the full blast.

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