"Earthlings" is an award-winning documentary on the suffering and death of animals for our food, entertainment, medical research and as pets. Through several sensitive footages of actual going ons in slaughterhouses, animal shelters, puppy mills, factory farms, leather and fur trades, circuses, research labs and more, the film does an in-depth study on humanity's cruelty and dependence on animals. All which are hardly ever looked in by the public.

"Earthlings" is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix and features music by platinum record selling artist Moby. The film evolved from writer, producer and director Shaun Monson's series of work about spaying and neutering pets in 1999. His work then affected him so much that it took him on a journey of six year to take a deeper look. The end result is "Earthlings".

Initially ignored by distributors as being too sensitive and not commercially viable due to the ugly truth it represents, "Earthlings" is now considered a definitive piece of work on animal rights internationally.

Nonetheless, viewers should be warned that there are several disturbing parallels are drawn in the film such as that of the Jewish Holocaust and the still unending holocaust of animals. Also, graphic violence and abuse of animals are aplenty to put across truth in a matter of fact manner.

Watch Earthlings (S$12) at the Sinema Social Film Festival for a good cause and some food for thought. For some, it could be life-changing. Proceeds from the festival goes to various selected beneficiaries. Alternatively, the full-length film is available online at the official site.

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