Set in the future, Gamer is about a society not long from now where humans control humans. The perfect "Sims" experience. Where people get paid to be controlled, and people pay to control. Kable (Gerard Butler) stars as an inmate on death row. He is part of a virtual reality game where he is controlled by a player. Survive 30 games, and he goes free. Ken Castles (Michael C. Hall), the creater of "Slayers", the game that Kable is part of, serves to entertain and is also a driving force of the economy.

The movie starts off strong with lots of action to introduce the whole concept of how the game "Slayers" works. It looks almost out of our typical machine guns and rifles computer games with even wall graffiti to match. The movie gives a surreal-like sense of what the future of gaming will be like with no regulations. However, this 95-minute long movie, could do so much more if their characters were further developed. Simon (Logan Lerman) who controls Kable, could play a bigger role in the film, rather than simply being sidelined.

Watch because: There's Gerard Butler, or you're a gaming fanatic. Otherwise, I'd say, wait for it to be out on the tele or on DVD.

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