Pokémon Insurgence: This Free Fan-Made Pokémon Adventure Game Explores a Darker Side of Your Beloved Childhood Game

pokemon insurgence
The Pokémon Go mania left as abruptly as it came, with many players complaining about how repetitive the game gets after awhile. Rewind back to the good old times of playing Pokémon Yellow, Red and Blue on your Nintendo Game Boy handheld console, and you will reminsce of all the happy memories derived from playing the adventure-based game. This game is in a totally different league than Pokémon Go as it keeps the player more involved and engaged with a storyline and more depth and dimension to the playing style.
pokemon insurgence
I like shorts too
The original Pokémon game starts off in the fictitous region of Kanto. The player navigates the protagonist from an overhead perspective throughout the map, entering into a first-person perspective during encounters with pokémon. The main goal of the game is to complete the story and become the champion of the Pokémon league by defeating the eight Gym leaders after the top four Pokémon trainers in the land. Another objective of the game is to complete the Pokédex, an in-game encyclopedia consisting of 151 Pokémon from the first generation. The game allows you to trade Pokémon with a friend via a cable that both parties have to attach to their respective Game Boys.
pokemon insurgence
Encountering Groudon in Pokémon Omega Ruby
Since then, the Pokémon games have been improving and evolving with every newly released edition. The Pokédex has increased to a staggering amount of 726 Pokémon as of the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the graphics have sharpened considerably, but the gameplay remains the same – travel around the region capturing regular and legendary Pokémon to defeat trainers and Pokémon masters and be the very best. With technological advancements and upgrades from the Game Boy to the DS, 2DS and finally the 3DS, players are now able to trade Pokémon wirelessly via WiFi throughout the entire world.
The Uprising Insurgence
pokemon insurgence
In the fan-made Pokémon Insurgence, catching them all is the last thing on the player's mind as the game takes you through an ominous and chilling thriller of murderous cultists who will resort to any means necessary to achieve their goals. Unlike the official games created by Game Freak which you have to play with a nintendo handheld game console, Pokémon Insurgence is only available to play from your computer. 
The man behind the game is Canadian redditor Wyatt Verchere, who works under the name thesuzerain. Verchere has been working with Pokémon fan games for years. He previously created a pair of games, Pokémon Zeta and Omicron, that featured a more sophisticated plot than the "young Pokémon trainer travels across country" template of the main games. It involved a terrorist group, time-bending and more.
"I was really enjoying working on the project, but adding more content after two-and-a-half regions (and 60 to 100 hours of playtime, depending on how in-depth you wanted to go) would make the game daunting for a new player," Verchere told Mic via email. "I started a new project instead so I could keep learning and trying new things in a whole new way."
Gotta Kill Em' All
Pokémon Insurgence
His recent Pokémon project should be labelled PG13 for its disturbing and uncensored content that openly depicts murder, brainwashing and Hitler-like indoctrination. Barely within five minutes into the story, you wake up drained of all your memories except for your name and gender, you narrowly escape from being butchered like a pig and you watch three members of a cult murdered in cold blood by their own leader.
Pokémon Insurgence
The game was so upsetting that Verchere received a lot of complaints and he had to come up with a lighter version of it. So, right off the bat, once you start up the game, there will be a “lighter” and a “darker” option for you to select, the former has no deaths and the plot is more light-hearted while the latter, which is how Verchere originally created the game to be, might give you nightmares.
Sticking to the plot of the original dark storyline, there is human sacrifice, threats and attempts of murder. As you meet the five different cults co-existing together within the region, you will learn their motives, from conducting nightmarish experiments on Pokémon to flooding the Earth. "The actual cult idea came from a suggestions thread on Reddit," Verchere said. "People were proposing interesting villain archetypes, such as magicians or cultists." The latter became the game's answer to the main series' teams — think Team Rocket that operates like Hitler.
The Newest Kid on the Block
Pokémon Insurgence
A cool feature introduced to this game would be Delta Pokémon. These are mutations of regular Pokémon with different types and appearances. A Fire-type Charmander, one of the original starter Pokémon from Pokémon Red andBlue versions, is warped into a skeletal form, with a Ghost/Dragon-typing. A Water-type Squirtle takes on a ninja appearance with a Dark/Fighting-typing. A Grass-type Bulbasaur is bequeathed with the cutest whimsical transformation with a Dairy/Psychic-typing.
Interestingly enough, Delta Pokémon was conceived by the original Pokémon developers. Delta Pokémon only appeared in the official Pokémon Trading Card Game and never in any of the video games, so Verchere jumped at the opportunity of introducing them.
Pokémon Insurgence
"I was really surprised to see that nobody had really touched Deltas before, so I had to put them in," Verchere said. "I used them in [Zeta and Omicron], and seeing that they were well-received, gave them an even bigger role in Insurgence."
There is No School Like the Old School
Verchere pays homage to the original games by sticking to some traditional elements. After all, these tried and tested components have been the success of Game Freak's wildly successful Pokémon games that have amassed its own massive loyal cult following. You will still battle gym leaders in between fighting cultists. You gotta learn how to find the right balance in order to become the very best. Verchere also included online trading on Pokémon Insurgence so that you can get your perfect team through friends or random strangers. Raising a team of powerful Pokémon is just as important as ever as they are all you have in defeating the evil threatening to destroy the world.

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