Justin Bieber Will Soon Be Roasted Alive on TV

justin bieber
Not literally of course, though I know many people out there who would love for it to be real. Justin Bieber will be getting his own roast special on Comedy Central on 7th March. The roast of the Biebs will entail the young punk sitting on the center of a stage and humbly taking all the insults and jokes comedians throw at him.
According to the Rolling Stone, Bieber has been begging to be roasted for years. Perhaps he is trying too hard to make all the haters think he is cool and not affected by them making fun of him, but you can't ask to be roasted, you have to be chosen to be roasted. To ask for it is like giving yourself a cool nickname and forcing people to call you that.
Comedians are going to have a field day at his roast. They don't even have to prepare their material before hand, Bieber has done so much stupid stuff in the short 21 years he has been alive that the roast could go on for a millenium. The endless supply of jokes could be based on but are not limited to him peeing in a restaurant mop bucket, forcing a monkey at gunpoint to pee in a bucket, spitting on his fans, and abandoning a monkey in a foreign country. Bieber would like to think of himself as a bad boy, but he's more of a class A douche, and everyone knows he is willing to get roasted to falsely portray himself as a good sport.
Well what else could you expect from a spoiled child who shot to fame at a single digit age, whose estimated current net worth is $200 million? And honestly, most of the blame falls on our society, who worships celebrities like gods. Nonetheless, this would be quite an interesting roast to watch.
Information Source: Smoshpit
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