10 Weird Things Singaporean Kids Loved Doing For Fun in the 90s'

Singaporean kids
Before smartphones were invented, the Singaporean kids from the 90s' had some interesting and inexpensive ways of keeping themselves entertained. When you see kids in this present time and age, you can't help but feel sorry for them staring blanklessly at their smartphones with a hint of drool threatening to slip from their lips. Most kids nowadays will never experience the fulfilling life we had growing up, and will never have a very interesting childhood to speak about. So let's take a moment to reminisce about all these weird things we loved doing in the 90s', and hopefully when you have kids of your own, teach them how to appreciate these little things too.
1. Catching Spiders
catching spiders
I was a tomboy back in primary school and mostly hung out with the boys catching spiders in the soccer field during recess. We would incarcerate the spiders in little containers and argue over who has the best spider. Some of us would get them to fight while others would try to keep it as pets, but we know how the latter always works out.
2. Catching Tadpoles
When it rained, the plan to catch spiders would immediately be scraped and replaced with catching tadpoles instead. We would find little puddles in the field and scoop up tadpoles in containers. We would also try to keep these as pets, hoping with childish delight that we would be able to raise it into a full grown frog, but we know how that always work out too.
3. Making Shapes with Rubber Bands
rubber band gun
A single rubber band would be able to amuse us for hours in school, until it snaps and we can't find any more rubber bands. We would stretch and contort the band into different shapes and come up with games to play with our friends. One of my favorites was stretching the rubber band over a hand pointed like a gun and start terrorizing my friends with painful snaps.
4. Flipping Country Erasers
country erasers
Remember this? I still have a whole pencil case full of pristine country erasers, most of which I won from owning my friends in the flipping eraser game. The game is simple, a player is allowed to flip his eraser only one time per turn, and if you get your eraser stacked on top of another player's, you will get to keep his eraser too. I'm not trying to brag, but they called me the eraser queen back in my heyday.
5. Wearing Roller Coaster Rings on Your Fingers
roller coaster chips
I remember purchasing small packets of snacks from a convenience store, and one of my favorites was Roller Coaster. I would stack them like rings on my fingers and eat them off.
6. Ninja Staple Bullets
staple bullets
I'm pretty sure the meaner kids are quite familiar with this. When the teacher had her back turned towards the class, you would try to shoot as much staple bullets into some other poor, unsuspecting kid's hair. Most of the time, a friend would join in too at throwing staple bullets with ninja-like reflexes at your victim in question.
7. Weaving Friendship Bands
friendship bracelets
This is an awesome way of relieving boredom in the classroom, and it does not get you into as much trouble with the teacher if you caught doing this rather than unloading staples into someone's hair. The school bookshop sold the threads for a pretty cheap amount, and we would often give them away to friends once we completed our masterpiece.
8. Building Pillow Forts
pillow fort
We were not as lucky as the American kids we saw on TV who would build entire tree houses or shacks all by themselves. Mainly because doing that in Singapore would be illegal, and we were all so terrified and yet weirdly respectful to the police then. The next best thing we could come up with was building pillow forts. I don't know about you guys, but I loved doing this as a kid and would stay inside my “castle” for hours, reading a book or playing games with my brothers.
9. Balancing the Light Switch Between On and Off
light switch
I don't want to come off sounding conceited, but there were a couple of times when I was a kid that I managed to get it to stay between On and Off even when I let go of the switch.
10. Creating Our Own Soda Concoction
We would become temporary food chemists and fill a cup with different sodas from the soda dispenser and marvel over how we are geniuses at coming out with our own soda flavors. Now that we are all grown up, we still do that too, but its with various sodas and liquor.
How many of these did you do when you were younger? Share this article with your friends who experienced these as kids in the 90s' too!

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