Will Nicolas Cage's latest action flick, Stolen, turn around his sinking career?

Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) is a professional thief who has been played out and sent to prison for eight long but safe years. Turning over a new leaf, he prepares to come clean and repair his relationship with daughter Allison (Sami Gayle). Unfortunately for the man, it takes more than paying in time for his criminal past. Both FBI and his old partners are led to believe the $10 million loot from his last heist has been hidden by him. Ex-partner in crime Vincent (Josh Lucas) kidnaps Allison in demand for the dough. The problem is, the money is really not with him. Henceforth, relying on old buddy Riley (Malin Akerman) and his previous skills, he sets back to rescue his daughter and set things right again.

Looking past the extremely predictable plot, especially if you have already caught Taken, director Simon West takes some parts into extremes that touches upon discomfort and creepy. A case in point would be when crazy villain Lucas describes to Allison, in great detail, how he mutilated himself to realistically play dead.

Other than this, save for a change of actors (think Liam Neeson to Nicolas Cage) and the backdrop of New Orleans instead of Europe, Stolen has the exact same storyline as Taken. But the reason why Stolen will have not score as well in the box office would not be because it came after Taken and would seem stolen. Rather, it is due to unrealistic elements as well as a cast not as powerpacked its predecessor. We would go with Neeson as an estranged father over Cage any day.

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