Trouble with the Curve

Back after four years, Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino) plays Gus, a cranky old baseball scout with a failing eyesight with is forced to rely on his grown up daughter, Mickey (Amy Adams), to survive the next season.

Trouble with a Curve is a strictly formulaic film that has a tick against all checks: grumpy elder with a huge ego but a soft inside; accommodating, pretty and single daughter who throws away everything for her dad when his best friend Pete (John Goodman) calls for help; and love interest Johnny (Justin Timberlake) thrown in for the customary romance.

Like recently aired Moneyball, the film, with lines like "A computer can't tell if a kid has instincts", emphasizes on the importance of the human touch and experience in scouting as compared to technology.

But except for Gus who has several deeply emotional scenes, such as the one where he holds back tears from raging emotions, the rest of the characters are underdeveloped especially that of Mickey's. Her resentment for her dad's abandonment when her mom passed away is merely touch and go. Timberlake, however, livens up the set with his amiable character despite minimal chemistry with his co-star.

In all, first-time director Robert Lorenz's Trouble with the Curve is a familiar feel-good film with affable characters that one would want to catch when life seems to be getting tough and in need of major uplifting encouragements.

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