Girl in Progress

Finding your own path in life may be done at any phase of your life, whether a mother or a daughter, as film Girl in Progress relates.

Single mom Grace (Eva Mendes) hasn't grown up. She constantly uproots her daughter as she goes through temp jobs and equally short flings with men, her latest one Dr Hartford (Matthew Modine). Her smart teenage daughter Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez) does better at being good though, constantly checkmating at chess championships. In fact, she's so good at it she has to draw up a flowchart to lead her through "bad behavior" of drinking, failing tests and losing her best friend that is required of teenagers her age.

The premise of a grown-up daughter and an immature mom seems to be in the rage for films these days. Not that we mind cliches that much but an engaging, witty dialogue is a must for films like this. Girl in Progress disappoints in this aspect. That's not all. Mendes' character is unlikable and the plot either touch emotions nor makes its audience laugh.

Girl in Progress is clearly a Work in Progress that only deserves a watch for ardent fans of Mendes.

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