A Thousand Words

A_Thousand_Words_photoThe theatres have been deprived of Murphy flicks that have served well as family entertainment for many years before. Now, will A Thousand Words create as much of the familiar laughter? 
Sleek literary agent Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is in top form and has his sights set on New Age guru Dr Sinja (Cliff Curtis) for his own gains. But out of nowhere, a Bodhi tree appears in his backyard. Every word Jack spells, a leaf drops. And when the tree is bare, it will be the end of him. Hence, Jack is forced to communicate in ways other than words to save his own skin. Soon, he gets into trouble as all he gained so far, work and love, are through his flowery words. 
The plot, which you will find familiar with random spells or rules imposed on a character for no particular reason except to make this movie, is contrived and predictable. Still, this might work with smart lines ad engaging actors – and this suffices with veteran actor Murphy who entertains will the right facial expressions and little actions. Allison Janney and Kerry Washington star in unimpressionable roles in here while Ruby Dee does a great job as Murphy's Alzheimer-strickened mother beautifully wordlessly. 
One of Murphy's best this is not, but nonetheless catch this if you need a laugh – for the man will still have his magic working on audiences despite the do-good formulaic script. 

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