Life Happens

Life_HappensDirected by Kat Coiro (Funny or Die) is Life Happens, a comedy based on the lives of three female roommates in Los Angeles.

The story begins with Kim (Krysten Ritter), a dog walker freshly pregnant out of a one-night stand. Her life is in a terrible mess, whether as a new mother, at work or with her love life. Supporting her are also two friends struggling writer Deena (Kate Bosworth) and bimbo Laura (Rachel Bilson), who help her cope with the pregnancy while trying to keep their social life alive.

The audience has to suspend belief at certain scenes of this movie including the huge collection of designer products the trio owns as well as the spacious and even luxurious house they live in for the amount they earn. Just as lead character Kim struggles to come to terms with her new role as mother of a baby boy, dating a cutie and covering up the fact that the child is hers.

While the laughs aren't kept coming constantly and the actresses aren't particularly brilliant, the film accurately reflects the trend of increasingly more single parents as well as ponders on the possibility of pleasant surprises in life in an unserious way that would appeal to those seeking a no-brainer feel-good film over the weekend.

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