My Week with Marilyn

My_Week_with_MarilynMy Week with Marilyn shares a true-story snippet from filmmaker Colin Clark's perspective of his week-long encounter with Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. 

Set in 1956, the story sees a determined 23 year-old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), who starts out as an assistant on the set of "The Prince and the Showgirl" starring the extremely famous Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) and Laurence Oliver (Kenneth Branagh). When husband Arthur Miller leaves for a week in England, she seeks a breather as she seduces a young Clark away from her entourage while the boy learns a few life lessons of his own through observing and interacting with the megastar.

Branagh gives a brilliant performance as the self-absorbed Olivier and Julia Ormond as his then-wife Vivien Leigh who sees that clearly. Williams manages the accustomed diva well while playing out her vulnerabilities convincingly. However, it is still some huge shoes to fill acting Monroe – having to portray both simple innocence and seductively sophisticated at once – though the role did do well for Williams to shine as an actress.

My Week with Marilyn will do fine for the younger generations who know little about the starlet but, for fans, Williams's lack of sexiness and the film's poor scripting will result in disappointment.

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