Killer Elite

Killer_EliteAdapted from Ranulph Fiennes's novel "The Feather Men" – supposedly a true story – and directed by Gary McKendry, "Killer Elite" boasts the star-studded duo of Jason Statham and Robert De Niro.

Jason Statham plays Danny, a killer, who retired to be with his childhood sweetheart played by Australian model and actress, Yvonne Strahovski. Things seem to be going well until Danny's mentor Hunter (Robert De Niro) gets imprisoned by some Middle Eastern thugs led by Clive Owen for some reason. Danny then proceeds to violently chase targets halfway across the globe.

There were some seriously awesome in here. Statham puts up a great fight despite being tied to a chair, jumps from rooftops to rooftops and drives beautiful fast cars. In the midst, there's also explosions, lots of bashing each other up and sneering at each other.

Still, stepping out of the theatre, there were pangs of disappointment for us. Not surprising, since the casts boasts Statham and De Niro. But unfortunately, De Niro's performance was all short of spectacular and Statham does nothing new in this film: he executes astonishing sleek killer moves and stunts, all in the company of a sexy love interest or two.

However, for all its little flaws, Killer Elite is nonetheless an enjoyable, stylish yet formulaic action film that Hollywood churns out periodically just to satisfy all those action film buffs out there.

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