Johnny English Reborn

Johnny-English-Reborn-PosterEnglish spy Johnny English is back! Starring funnyman Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), will this James Bond spoof capture the hearts of the original Bond movie or that of the lead actor's famous television series? Let's see.

Returning to his spy duties after some kungfu training taught by monks in an unidentified remote area (following a terribly failed mission in Mozambique to prevent a Chinese premier's assassination attempt), English spy Johnny English returns fearless and ready to take on new challenges. This time, as an intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service, he is to stop a merciless group of international terrorists.

Well, of course, the spoof features a goofy lead and Atkinson plays this part excellently with hints and facial expressions reminisce of the good old Bean that will surely tug the heartstrings of Atkinson fans as well as highlights his own comedic talents.

However, there were a few misses that render it unworthy of memorable spoof status. We found the sequence of him playing with his chair and breaking the lowing lever pretty lame but nonetheless laughable only by merit of the talented performer's prowess. Love that straight face. And we sure hope Atkinson assaulting an old lady was meant to be part of the dry British humour that we may not understand.

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