There are a few roles we will eventually grow into as we progress through the various stages of our lives. And one of these roles, for the ladies, is that of a bridesmaid. In Bridesmaids, a tale of female friendship at its ugliest yet most genuine, you will have a sneak peek of whatever might go wrong – or not!

Kristen Wiig plays an unhappy single woman, forced to take up a job selling jewellry when her baking business fails during the recession. In addition, she sleeps with the uncommitted handsome Jon Hamm, who plays the part of a fatuous narcissistic exceedingly well, believing that the guy would one day recognise her as his girlfriend. As if. Just when you think things can't get any worse, BFF (Maya Rudolph) gets hitched and Wiig is forced to be a good sport as chief bridesmaid. That would still be bearable…. if not for Rose Byrne, a pretty but somehow unlovable lady, who outshines her in every aspect of her appointed duty and threatens to replace her as the BFF. Here enters the bridesmaid-zilla; the lady loses her cool through a series of catastrophes.   

The hilarious cast of comedy actors and an excellent producer, Judd Apatow, and you have a movie that gets you laughing non-stop while leaving you with some food for thought at the end. One of our favourites would be Melissa McCarthy, who clad in her golf cap mismatched with her pretty white pearls, garners a few laughs as the character throws herself at people – both literally and figuratively.

However, there are elements of the movie that are somewhat disappointing. For example, Wigg does not seem to have a breakthrough scene as expected. And as many laughs as the movie inspires, there is an equal number excruciatingly embarrassing scenes, if not more. Think pooping in the middle of the street in a gorgeous white wedding gown, trashing an impossibly luxurious wedding shower… Seriously, in my opinion, thrown in to capture the male audience.

My final verdict? Uncomfortable it is but, honestly, realistic at times. A good breakthrough in the female comedy genre worth a watch.

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