Season of the Witch

This mundane medieval action-thriller directed by Dominic Sena (Gone in Sixty Seconds) promises to bore even the easiest-to-please viewer.

Knights Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and Felson (Ron Perlman) are great warriors but ironically eventual deserters of killing fields after witnessing the deaths and torture of women and children. Disheartened by the cruelty, they return home only to find it ravaged by the Black Plague, which is conveniently blamed on an attractive witch played by Claire Foy. By the order of a sore-infested cardinal (Christopher Lee), the duo are to redeem themselves by transporting the accused witch to some monks, who would be able to put her to death which will – in their opinion – end the plague. The rest of the escorts include priest (Stephen Campbell Moore), eager knight wannabe (Robert Sheehan), and a swindler (Stephen Graham), each of who would suffer mysterious torture and/or deaths along the way.  

This is a film set in medieval times but have its actors speak modern speech and includes a monotonous Cage with no depth but crowning ridiculous seaweed hair. Sidekick Perlman disappoints as well, relying on exaggerated actions to little effect.

In summary, Season of the Witch has to its name a ridiculous plot (think extremely intolerant Catholics), the film's scenery is short of the wow factor, the script lacks good dialogue, and nothing and no one seems particularly interesting or worthy of our attention. Unless you count the subpar CGI zombie action fun.

Our conclusion? You will be glad to have read this review and given this movie a miss. Or perhaps, you could take the chance and face our "I told you so" after.

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