Boost your Immunity

Boost_your_ImmunityWith viruses and what naught increasing in strength and reach, it is always to err on the safe side. Prevention is better than cure; why not make lifestyle changes, such as how you sleep, what you eat and what you do, to boost your immunity?

Contrary to common beliefs, it is not always in your best interests to have an immunity system that's tough as nails. In fact, such an immunity system might be too strong for some people to bear. Your self-defense system need only be strong enough to bar the bad stuff – viruses, bacteria and germs – from entering, and not to cause autoimmune illnesses like lupus or allergies.

Here are some ways to boost your immunity – as well as to improve your overall health.

Watch what you eat

Ever heard you are what you eat? Nutrients you partake help aid or drag your body's immune system; so choose what you consume wisely. One of the best immune boosters would be Vitamin C, which is said to increase the production of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies. It is easily available in most fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, you could obtain Vitamin C tablets from any pharmacy. Vitamin E, which could be found in seeds and grains, also helps stimulate production of cells that tackle germs and bacteria. Also, more than 70% of your body is made up of liquid. Dehydration reduces your body's immunity, so drink up!


Not only does physical activity help you reduce stress, it improves your immunity too. However, be careful not to be too tough on yourself. Pushing your body beyond its limits or when the heart is unwilling may elevate stress. This would then be counter productive.

Music to your ears

Listening to soothing music or music that you like will enhance natural deterrence. On the other hand, disturbing noise will upset you and cause tension – just as being stressed would result in the same effect. If you can't avoid the noise, block it out with earplugs.


Rather than hiding at home to avoid catching germs or bacteria, research shows that people who make more contact with others, be it friends, family or colleagues, are less likely to catch them. One of the reasons given is that forms of touch can help boost natural deterrence.

Don't worry, be happy!

Positivity will always do you good and laughing is often quoted as the best medicine. A hearty laugh apparently increases antibodies you see. And not only that, it stimulates digestion and reduces tension. Most importantly, it makes you happy!

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