Boost your Metabolism

Boost_your_MetabolismWouldn't it be great if we are burning calories while we rest? Besides, low metabolism may cause lethargy and even fatigue on top of difficulty in losing weight. Here are some commonsensical tips on how to boost your metabolism rate.

Major Meals in the Morning

A heavy breakfast helps send signal to your body to start work and kickstart your metabolism system, especially after eight to 10 hours without food. Being active a few hours after eating is important in helping burn more calories so avoid suppers.

That said, don't go starving yourself as it slows down your metabolism. Instead, have small meals or a quick healthy snack to keep your metabolism going steadily rather than shutting it down completely then get it going again.


Exercise helps build muscles and muscle burns calories – even when you are at rest. Besides, the workout is good, healthy way to relax and de-stress. It does not even have to be intensive exercise. Body work such as yoga and tai chi are just as good for muscle-building.

Drink Up!

Just like exercise is generally good for you, so is drinking sufficient water. For the energy-burning process of metabolism to proceed smoothly, water is required. The usually recommended 8 glasses of water works just as well for keeping your metabolism going.

Have your Beauty Sleep

A lack of sleep decrease the amount of calories your body burns while you rest, resulting in lower metabolism rates, so make sure you have ample sleep. This may even escalate into a vicious cycle – you sleep less, have slower rate of metabolism and work less productively at work and end up having to work end, sleeping late again.

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