Keep that crowning glory growing

Global healthcare company, Merck, conducted a survey and found Singaporean men one of the most sensitive demographic among Asia-Pacific countries with regard to losing their crowning glory. They are not the only one: Singaporean women have also made their preference for companions with a head full of hair, otherwise shaved, known.

On average, a normal amount of hair-fall is around 50-100 strands per day, most commonly lost while in the shower or whilst combing your hair. This is a natural occurrence, part of the hair renewal process.

Excessive hair loss can be caused by a number of reasons, including medication, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal changes during pregnancy or if you are taking birth control pills, nutritional factors, skin diseases and stress.

But while these are factors you may or may not have control over, you can make a choice of keeping to a protein-rich diet, which could curb part of the problem of excessive hair loss.

So, if you are starting to notice a receding hairline or excessive hair loss, it is time for a change in your daily food intake. With a better diet, you may also see a change in your weight due to a better intake balance of proteins and healthy fats. Here are some dieting tips to take note of.

More Protein

Human hair is made of protein; deficiencies in protein can cause hair to thin and affect normal hair growth. So go for protein rich foods such as soya beans, tofu, chicken breast meat (skinless), almond or nuts in general, and fish.

More Essential fatty acids

These are a good type of fat, of which the body cannot produce but needs. A well-known fatty acid would be Omega-3, commonly found in cold-water fishes like salmon, mackerel and sardines. The fatty acids provide nourishment to hair follicles, ensuring healthy and lustrous hair growth and preventing hair from falling out easily. Omega-3 can also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, or what is known as heart disease or heart attacks.

Another good source of fatty acids with a generous amount of proteins would be peanut butter, especially the crunchy type. This gives a double dose to hair growing potential!

Less Processed food and Carbonated drinks

We all love a ice-cold can of coke on a hot day and indulging in that sinfully rich cheese sausage combo, especially when you catch a blockbuster. But neither coke nor your delicious cheese sausage is a natural food product.

These processed food products are made of chemicals. This means, you may be consuming unhealthy amounts of trans-fat and saturated fats, or foods which are high in sodium and sugar. These categories of food acidify the blood and causes mineral loss from your hair.

I say, avoid the following, or at least consume sparingly:
- Canned food with large amounts of sodium or fat
- Packaged snack food
- Frozen dinners from convenience stores
- Processed meats

Much as these foods are great in satisfying your cravings and provide convenience, be mindful that they could also increase your risk of colorectal, kidney and stomach cancer.

And while it may seem a tad tedious to keep track of the proper kinds of foods you should be consuming to avoid excessive hair loss, at least you would have beautiful luscious hair to die for – plus, a good diet usually means better health and a better figure too!

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