Fine, Let's Dine!

Fine_lets_dineFine dining may seem like a luxury to some but a chore to others. And the latter feeling often happens especially when it is part of work, especially when you are unfamiliar with the concept. But why be stressed out and distracted from what your client has to say or dread the scrumptious meal when you could be enjoying it? Check out our tips here and have a great meal!


A loose definition of fine dining would refer to a meal of at least three courses and that is nicely set out – usually featuring cloth napkins and fine chinaware. Whether or not there is a dress code much depends on the occasion or the restaurant though you should always be well dressed when you meet your client!


When making a reservation, ask for the dress code as well. Nonetheless, always err on the side of caution by dressing up in the minimal little black dress or a shirt with tie and pants for guys.


Thinking about which fork or spoon goes with which plate or bowl? Don't be stressed out; it's simple. Simply go from the outside in, starting with the soup spoon on the extreme right first. Also, remember the bread on the left is for you – so don't glare on your colleague if he or she grabs the one on your right!


So, how should one behave? When eating, do not chew loudly or slurp your soup. When speaking, do not raise your voice and definitely do not burp mid-way. If you really have to do so, excuse yourself politely to the washroom.

First dish up, the spoon. When eating soup, scoop outwards away from you starting from the centre of the bowl to farther away from you then bring it to your mouth. No matter how hungry you are, resist the urge to slurp. Next, for main courses, pasta should be twirled with a fork and others cut into bite size quietly. Once you are done, use your napkin to gently dab your mouth. Then it should be returned back to your knees. If you have to leave the table, place the napkin on your seat and return it back to your knees when you are done.

Once you are finished with your food, you could place the napkin on the left side of the plate before leaving.

For a toast, do not touch your glasses with the others unless it is first done to you. It is considered rude in some cultures to do so. Never gulp; only sip. Don't get drunk; get merry.

And, in the same way, do not get stressed; but enjoy the meal and the conversations in between!

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