10 daily habits that hurt your beauty

10_daily_habits_that_hurt_your_beautyWe, ladies, may cut ourselves some slack in one way or another when it comes to beauty. Have a healthier diet, slack off the exercise. Unbeknownst to some, the cutting of corners do not do any good to our beauty at all. Here are some daily habits that harm our beauty the most, and certainly should be avoided!

1. Sleeping with makeup on

Many of us know it’s bad, but we go on doing it anyway. The layers of makeup we put on each morning start clogging our pores all the time until we remove it. Be it a long night of partying or simply an extremely long day at work, always spend that extra 10 minutes removing all the powder, eyeliner and mascara at the end of the day. Leaving on eye shadow or mascara can  also cause redness, inflammation and edema of the eyelids.

2. Starving to lose weight

Image conscious and highly critical of yourself when you step on the weighing scale? We may have tried at least one way of losing weight. especially off those humongous thighs or flabby arms. But one thing is for sure, starving for that few days just to feel a bit better about yourself actually does more harm than good. When deprived of food, our bodies in starvation mode automatically store the little intake of food as fats, instead of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients for the body to burn off. As such, you may find yourself with less energy for the day, while putting on more weight.

3. Junk food and me

The term ‘junk food’ is commonly found in the black list of foods to consume for any one. Due to its low nutritional value and being high in sugars, fat and sodium, junk food is responsible for obesity, dental cavities, diabetes and heart diseases. Thus, your ever-satisfying meals from MacDonald’s must be taken in moderation, if not infrequently, along with packets of salty potato chips, canned drinks, candy bars and fried food. Saturated fats found in those foods stick to our arteries, causing blockages, leading to heart problems and strokes.

4. H20 – Bring it wherever!

Water for our body is for regulating its temperature, to bring the essential nutrients around to parts of our body, and to protect our joints and organs. Though there is the common myth of drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day to keep our bodies adequately hydrated, not everyone has the capacity to consume that much water. Besides, varied lifestyles means different amounts of water required for each of us. If you find yourself running to the toilet too much to complete any work, you are drinking too much. However, if you are drinking less than 4 cups a day, you are drinking too little.

5. Smoking

Why, yes, of course, puffing the nicotine-laden sticks is harmful for our beauty. It deprives our bodies of oxygen and blood flow to our skin as smoking causes the narrowing of blood vessels. Smokers will also gradually develop a yellowish or grey complexion, and develop signs of aging sooner than non-smokers – yet another reason to stop spending your hard-earned dollars on those harmful stuff.

6. Alcohol

Similar to the effects of smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol also depletes our skin’s supply of Vitamin A, which helps form and maintain healthy skin, teeth as well as soft tissue. This leads to the common effects of excessive alcohol consumption we always hear of: Liver cirrhosis, memory loss, malnutrition and heart failure.

7. Sunscreen

Contrary to some beliefs that sunblock lotion should only be applied when we go for a sun tan or when we engage in outdoor sports, some protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun should always be in place. Try to look for sunblock lotions or cosmetic products with at least SPF 30. Otherwise, always try to use a hat or umbrella when you are out and about.

8. Beauty sleep is an anti-aging essential

When we sleep, the cells in our body repair and recover from the stress we encounter daily. Thus, an adequate 8-9 hours of sleep daily will be pertinent for us to maintain a beauty glow of radiance other beauty products cannot provide. This is due to the melatonin our bodies release during sleep, which has positive effects on our skin and immune system.

9. Don’t stress out too much

We stress about school, work and other problems we face in our daily lives, but beware of the sleepless nights and affected diet the stress may cause you. It could also trigger you to consume more alcohol or smoke more cigarettes, which as you know, can cause more harm to your beauty. However, you should also...

10. Avoid being too carefree

While some women may care less about their appearance, they may also be ignoring bigger underlying problems of acne, pimples or oily skin. Thus, it is still essential for women to be concerned about any irregularities on their skin, rather than wait for the symptom to escalate into something bigger.

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