10 Years

Class reunions can be traumatising… or could they be as fun and funny as comedic film 10 Years?

10 Years follows a group of high school pals as they gather for night of booze as they recall those good old times and uncover some buried feelings at the same time. Popular high school jock Jake (Channing Tatum) is about to propose to his lovely girlfriend (Jenna Dewan) after the reunion, just except that bumping into his old flame played by Rosario Dawson confuses him more than just a bit. Doesnt't help a bit that she's married to a 45-year-old Ron Livingston. Chris Pratt plays an ex-bully who wishes to redeem himself only to end up returning to his former ways. His victim? Ex-nerd Aaron Yoo, who takes his racist remarks with a pitch of salt. There's also Reeves (Oscar Isaac), a newly minted superstar who doesn't seem to have gotten over carrying a torch for classmate Kara Mara. Justin Long and Max Minghella are two buddies who harbours a fantasy for Anna (Lynn Collins), and finally decided to act upon it during the reunion. 

There are quite a number of sweet, heartwarming moments and laughs paced throughout a show that aims to chronicle our growing up. Surprisingly too, the film does not fall into the trap of romantic comedy cliches.

As the film says, "why spend your time looking back when you've got so much to look forward to?", go check this lighthearted but nonetheless enjoyable romantic comedy out for yourself this weekend.

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