The Middle Ground

I am a classic middle-ground voter. Also known as a fence sitter or swing voter.

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4 Ways Singapore Can Eliminate the Haze Once and For All

Singapore Haze
Little is being done to stop the haze. When Singapore offered help to fight the forest fires in Indonesia, the Indonesian government flat out refused and more or less called us a bunch of ungrateful children. Why do we have to continuously put up with this nonsense that we did not beget? Why do we have to suffer at the hands of the incompetent Indonesian authorities? Enough is enough, and I say we all band together to come up with solutions to eliminate the haze from Singapore once and for all, even though they may be unorthodox as hell.

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Majulah Singapore

Lee Hsien Loong

It was 3am in the morning but looking outside it was obvious that I wasn't up alone as there were many lights turned on in my neighbourhood. It was a nation building moment and many Singaporeans were staying up to watch the election results live as it unfolded.

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A Message of Hope

Lee Hsien Loong

I've just spent the last hour watching the passionate speech by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Fullerton Rally on the 8 Sep 2015. He delivered a powerful message that resonated deeply with me, as our PM explained the PAP's election message of "With you, for you, for Singapore".

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