Russian Bank Offers Free Pokémon Go Insurance

pokemon go insurance
So Pokémon Go has finally reached the sunny shores of Singapore last Saturday and it has taken the country by storm. Everywhere you go, you will see people attentively eye-balling their phones and turning around in all directions. We also have friends who have already walked into drains and banged into trees, stop signs, and pillars as a result of this addiction.
Perhaps what we need is an insurance that specifically covers any  Pokémon Go related injuries. A Russian bank is currently offering a free Pokémon Go insurance as a way of marketing its services. Sberbank is offering Russian players free Pokemon Go insurance, promising to compensate players with up to 50,000 rubles (about SGD$1,030) in case of gaming-related accidents.
pokemon go insurance
This insurance could actually prove useful for Pokémon Go gamers who are not very alert to their surroundings. Ever since the game has been released, there have been many reports of people crashing into cars, tumbling down stairs, getting shot, and even falling off cliffs in their effort to be the very best like no one ever was. These rare, but troubling occurrences have inspired Russian bank Sberbank to develop a product aimed exclusively at Pokémon Go players – free insurance that only covers injuries sustained while playing the popular mobile app.
“As the biggest life insurance company in Russia, we feel our responsibility for the participants of Pokémon Go, the game that gains immense popularity now,” said Maxim Chernin, head of IC Sberbank Life Insurance. “Considering the number of news from around the world about players being injured while catching Pokémon, we created a special product that will be free for the players. It is also important for us that the product will help to raise the financial literacy of the population: while playing, the younger generation will be able to get acquainted with such financial tool as insurance.”
pokemon go insurance
Sberbank adds that the free Pokémon Go insurance lets Russian players “concentrate on the game fully” knowing that in if they somehow suffer injuries while hunting for Pokémon, they will be entitled to a compensation of up to 50,000 rubles. To become a policy holder, players must enter their Pokémon Go's nickname and mobile phone number on the bank's Pokémon-themed website. And, to make sure that their insurance policy will be honored, people are instructed to also take a photograph of the site of their injury, as it could be required as evidence.
In order to boost its promotional campaign even more, Sberbank has also announced that all PokéStops near Sberbank branches across Russia will be equipped with special modules that attract Pokémon. “The modules will allow players to visit a nearby Sberbank office and catch missing Pokémon without having to move around the city. The modules will be active during the Sberbank offices’ working hours,” an official press release states.
Perhaps our local banks or insurance companies can also consider rolling out an insurance scheme such as this. But even if you are covered for your injuries, you should always look out for any danger first instead of concentrating on the game, as a misstep onto a busy road can actually claim your life. Have fun, but stay safe!
Information Source: sherbank

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