An Open Letter to Low Thia Kiang

Low Thia Khiang
I'm sorry Mr. Low.
I disagree with you about your claim of how you make sure the voices of all of Singaporeans are heard in parliament despite the fact that there's only 7 of you versus 87 of the PAP in the house. 
One prominent personal example I can cite is when I approached for your former protégé, Yaw Shin Leong, to ask him to raise an issue about children with rare diseases in parliament. I ended up being advised by him to bring the matter up to PAP MPs who were doctors, he said that they would be more able to credibly bring up the matter thanks to their profession. 
And this was not the only time the WP has tai chied my attempts to have Parliamentary Questions filed in the house. Your handlers and gatekeepers have time and again told me that they are unwilling to raise issues I wanted raised because your minders felt that they were inconvenient questions that would rock the boat and lose political capital for your party. How can you tell us to empower our future when you turn away people who need you to raise important matters to them but you have deem uncomfortable for you to raise on the floor of the house?!
By the way, contrary to whatever the WP publicly claims, it IS NOT immune to the politics of fear in Singapore. Why else would they be so kiasee to ask tough parliamentary questions in parliament? Why else would the party of the blue collar worker be afraid to ask inconvenient questions that have gone unsaid?
Because it is afraid to anger its base of heartland residents.
You have said that the blue party will be our voice in parliament. But the truth is that NMPs like Janice Koh, Laurence Lien and Chia Yong Yong have brought up matters closer to the Singaporean heart than the hammers have done within the house. The only time the WP truly spoke up for us was during the white paper vote when all seven of the WP MPs voted against it.
So no Mr. Low. I strongly disagree that you had made sure that our voices are heard in parliament and I wish you truly did speak up more.

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