The Real Truth Behind the “Pro PAP Fliers” Being Handed Out at SIM

pro pap fliers
It has come to our much amused attention that a photo of a “pro PAP flyer” has been circulating around the Singapore netosphere. Multiple websites such as TR Emeritus, Wake Up, Singapore, Temasek Review, All Singapore Stuff and Hardware Zone falsely reported that these fliers were being distributed by a small group of activists outside SIM University. The information presented is inaccurate and false. Whoever submitted it must have deliberately misconstrued the true nature of the “flyer” to get a reaction out of Singaporeans.
First of all, it is imperative that one does not believe everything one sees on the internet. Photos can be taken in such a way that it only reflects what someone wants you to believe, and words can be flipped and twisted for it to mean something else entirely.
pro pap fliers
Here's the real deal on these “pro PAP fliers” – it is not a flyer – it is in fact the last page of our most recent print magazine. The photo was taken in such a way that makes it seem like it is just a one-page flyer, although why the PAP would get Foodpanda to advertise on its “flyer” boggles my mind.
I honestly do not think there was a “small group of activists stationed around SIM University's bus stop to give these flyers to students.” These free magazines were placed in the photocopying room of SIM for students to take at their own will. Unless some students from SIM decided to take a bunch of the magazines and hand it out to other students out of the kindness of their hearts so that others would be able to benefit from the 15% Foodpanda discount.
pro pap fliers
Our lifestyle publication, both online and print, has no particular preference towards any certain political parties or affliations of any kind. We publish a mix of articles covering various topics by different writers. The offending one in question was written by one of our contributors, who has received death threats for his supposed “pro PAP” article by some commenters. This is simply ridiculous. 
pro pap fliers
Sending out death threats to someone who wrote an innocuous opinionated piece points to a mentally disturbed mind. Take for example, the slapping case of Amos Yee. Did he deserve to get slapped outside court by a stranger taking the law into his own hands? The law certainly did not take very well to it, sentencing the slapper 3 weeks into the slammer.
pro pap fliers
Wake Up, Singapore captioned the photo “The government's propaganda blitz is in full swing in anticipation of the next election” on their facebook page. Wow, what an astute observation by the page. Just one problem with them and the rest of these sites – they did not bother uncovering the facts behind the “pro PAP flyer” before running their mouths off. So just who is really spreading the propaganda here? Singaporeans, please decide for yourselves, don't eat up all the lies published by the media.
Update*: Ever since this article was published, TR Emeritus and Wake Up, Singapore have taken down their misleading Facebook posts regarding this issue. Kudos to them. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. Wake Up, Singapore also issued an official apology as seen below.
wake up singapore 

Check out our 4 magazine issues, including the notorious “pro PAP flyer” here.


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