Deep Fried Fly Found in Ang Mo Kio Park McDonalds' Fries

mcdonalds fly
Some people have a taste for the exotic, but when a young Singaporean man ordered fries from a McDonald's outlet in Ang Mo Kio, he did not take very well to finding a deep fried fly hiding among his fries.
Mr. YY felt utterly disgusted and sick to his stomach when he found a deep fried giant flying ant amidst the fries that he purchased from a McDonald's outlet in Singapore. He had bought two meals from the drive-through McDonald's along Ang Mo Kio Street 12 last friday around 8pm and returned home to consume the food with his girlfriend.
mcdonalds fly
Halfway through eating his fries, he reeled back in shock as a cripsy giant flying ant tumbled out of the fries in plain sight. His girlfriend who noticed it too, shrieked. The both of them immediately stopped eating their dinner.
Mr. YY said that if he was not paying attention, he would have probably eaten the fly thinking it was a burnt piece of french fry. He stated that he would boycott McDonald's for awhile. He promptly wrote in to McDonald's but they have yet to respond to the issue.
“Look at my wonderful McDonald's fries. Not sure if I ordered fries or flies,” he jokingly commented on his facebook page.
mcdonalds fly
This is not the first time that someone found bugs in their McDonald's food, which really questions their quality control. Just last Thursday, a diner wrote in to Stomp saying that he was shocked to find insects embedded in all of the four hash browns he ordered from a McDonald's outlet in Jurong.
mcdonalds fly
He informed the manager about the multiple flies in his hashbrowns and got all four pieces replaced promptly. "Next time, make sure you check your hash brown before you take a bite," he adviced.
Just to be on the safe side, perhaps you should check all the food you order from McDonald's before devoring them.

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