Kenyan Girl Reveals Her Desire To Infect 2000 Men with HIV

A female teenager from Kenya revealed that after she contacted HIV unwittingly, she is on a mission to infect a target number of 2000 men with the virus out of revenge. So far, she has already transferred the incurable venereal disease to a staggering amount of 324 men.
The HIV positive girl who attends the Kabarak University in Kakuru is said to have been infected by a man at a party while she was passed out drunk.
The shocking story only came out to light when the unidentified 19-year-old contacted Kenyan Scandals on Facebook with a scandalous confession. She was assured that her identity was going to be protected, however, even though they did not reveal her name, Kenyan Daily Post published a photo of her taken from her Facebook profile along with the article that she had written. This would have been a gross invasion of privacy if not for the scare of her infecting thousands of men with the life-threatening disease.
The un-named HIV victim
In the story she wrote, she recalls that very fateful day when everything for her would change drastically forever. It started off with her heading to town for a night out of clubbing and drinking with a couple of older students, after which they proceeded back to their hostel for their own private party.
“Sep 22nd 2013 is a day I''ll never forget, we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party round 2,” she recounted.
She then went on to say that when she woke up the morning after, she realized that she had had sex for the first time ever with a boy called Javan while she was heavily intoxicated.
“I only asked if he used a condom and he said yes, however when taking bath I noticed sperms down there, I wanted to commit suicide, I feared getting pregnant and HIV.”
After testing positive for HIV, the girl confronted Javan who insisted that he was clean and told her that she must have had contracted the virus from someone else.
“I was so depressed and took alcohol to die, I even bought poison, the pain was just unbearable how was I gone face the world, I let my parents down, I gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life. My future had been ruined, somehow someone had to pay,” the girl said.
Before we continue, does anyone know the 5 stages of grief? It is the Kübler-Ross model that shows the series of emotional stages that someone experiences when faced with impending death or some other horribly unfortunate circumstances. It goes accordingly as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. For this young HIV victim, she did not go through the series of this model.
“I accepted my fate and promised to make all men I come across suffer, I know I'm attractive and men both married and unmarried chase me left right and centre,” she explained.
“I buried the good girl in me and became the bad girl, my goal was to infect as many as possible,” she wrote.
The girl then confessed that till date, she had already infected 324 men, 156 of whom are students from the same school as she is currently in, with the rest being married men, lecturers, lawyers, celebrities and politicians.
“Not a day passes without me having sex, mostly 4 people per day,” she continued in her letter of confession.
“Nothing will stop me from accomplishing my mission by continuing to sleep around, you never know but maybe you have slept with me or your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or any has slept with me.”
“Your day is coming, you men destroyed my life and I will make you and your people pay for it,” the girl concluded ominously.
The authenticity of this report cannot be confirmed. It could be true, but then again it could just be a fictional story concocted by an attention-seeking teenager or a website desperate for hits. Whatever the case, this story has happened way too often in real life to many others who were not careful. Let this be a lesson for all you people out there to practice safe sex or abstinence, whichever of the two that floats your boat.
Information Source: International Business Times
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