A Tale of Life, Love & Loss: Wife Dies of a Broken Heart After Husband Loses Battle To Cancer

carol and Michael west
Scientists say that it is impossible to die of a broken heart, but then again what do those nerds know of love? They break and dissect everything down to a matter of chemicals and neurons but can never fully understand the depth of human emotions. The heart wants what the heart wants, and this woman's heart could never get what it wants ever again after her husband lost the battle to cancer. Shortly after her husband passed away, Carol West died in a matter of three weeks from a broken heart.
Carol and Michael West have been happily married for 30 years with three beautiful children until tragedy struck the family when Michael was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the esophagus 18 months ago.
The 54-year-old mother was devastated when her beloved died at the age of 56, and then in December, her health took a turn for the worse.
On 7 January 2014, she was taken ill and passed away in hospital with her three children standing by her bedside.
The deceased couple's son, Tony, 23, is convinced that his mother died “from a broken heart”.
“They couldn’t live without each other - it’s as simple as that,” Tony stated matter-of-factly. “My mum took my dad’s death very badly. She couldn’t stop crying and her health became very bad. She’d had a stroke five years ago but we never expected her to pass away so soon after Dad died.”
“To lose both parents is very hard and we are all a bit numb,” he added. “They both loved Christmas so not having him there this year was very hard for her.”
For Carol and Michael West, it was love at first sight for them when they met each other as teenagers in Sudbury, Suffolk. Their first meeting was when Michael, then 16, was riding his bike down a street and nearly collided into 14-year-old Carol.
“My dad shouted at her to get out of the way, they got talking and it went from there,” Tony recounted of how his father met his mother.
Michael worked as a machine setter in Sudbury for 35 years while Carol got a job putting the pieces in Trivial pursuit boxes.
“Mum and Dad were the best parents anyone could have. He was a joker and she was the feisty one - she kept him in line,” Tony said. “They were just completely in love.”
In a bleak and desolate world where money and power reign supreme, it is hard to find true love like Carol and Michael did. This may end on a sad note, but to have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all. Even in death, their true love for each other is still evident for everyone to see and manifests in the image of their three children.
Information Source: Daily Mail
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