Live Animals Sold as Keyrings in China

Live Animals Sold as Keyrings in China
China. Home to one of the most cruel, backward people on Earth, where they skin dogs and cats alive, eat human fetuses and monkey brains from a live, chained-up monkey. China merchants are taking animal cruelty up a notch by incarcerating little animals in an inflated, transparent plastic pouch and selling them as keyrings.
Keyrings are typically bought on your travels to other countries as a half-assed gift to give to your peers. Most of the time, people just throw it into a drawer filled with miscellaneous knick-knacks and a bunch of other keyrings and there it will stay for all eternity, instead of actually attaching them to stuff.
Despite keyrings serving no particularly useful purpose, they are increasing in popularity in China where people are snatching up a newly thought of idea of a novelty keyring. These keyrings contain live animals that are permanently sealed in a pouch with a colored liquid and are sold publicly in train stations and busy sidewalks for as little as 5RMB (SGD$1.03).
Live Animals Sold as Keyrings in China
Why are the authorities not cracking down on these inhumane Chinese street vendors, you ask. Well firstly, the unscrupulous Chinese vendors’ motto is, as N.W.A. so accurately put it, “F**k Da Police”. And more shockingly, the brutal treatment of these animals is considered totally legal.
Potential buyers are able to choose between a terrapin, a small kingfish and a salamander, swimming in various colored liquids, sealed in an airtight package. One vendor claimed that the creatures “can live for months inside there” because the water apparently contains “nutrients”. Veterinarians have refuted this stupid claim. Besides, where is the oxygen going to come from after it has been depleted?
“I'll hang it in my office, it looks nice and brings good luck,” a customer (read: bloody retarded shithead who should have his ass trapped inside a tiny container and sold to buyers for amusement until he dies from suffocation or starvation inside there) who purchased a terrapin said.
HOW ABOUT NO, YOU DUMBASS MORON? NO, HANGING A TERRAPIN UP TO WATCH IT SLOWLY WASTE AWAY DOES NOT BRING GOOD LUCK. If you were to believe in luck, I don’t think sending an animal to its doom is going to bring you any. Bloody imbecile.
Live Animals Sold as Keyrings in China
As demand for the unforgiving trinkets grow, thankfully so do the voices of animal rights supporters in opposition to the inhumane treatment of the animals they contain.
“To put a living thing inside a sealed and confined space for profit is immoral and pure animal abuse,” Qin Xiaona, director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association said.
Some compassionate passer-bys who pitied the trapped creatures took it on their part to save the poor animals’ lives.
“I bought one to free it. It looks so miserable,” said one woman.
She definitely had her heart in the right place, but buying one and freeing it will do more harm than good. It will add on to the demand of these cruel trinkets and the vendors will be bringing more in to sell away. Yes it is definitely difficult to simply stand by and watch on as these animals die a slow and painful death but it has to be done to stop this asinine trade.
Live Animals Sold as Keyrings in China
Despite this being a crystal-clear case of animal cruelty, it is not going against the law. China law prohibits the sale of wild animals which do not include terrapins, kingfish or salamanders.
In lieu of legislation which may or may not come to pass outlawing the sale of living creatures as objects of amusement, Xiona suggests people use their better sense to squelch the trade. “If nobody buys it, the market will die,” she says.
It is incredibly depressing to think how there is nothing much we can do until the law is passed as these virtually helpless and absolutely clueless animals sit in their colorful, plastic tombs very much alive while awaiting their imminent doom either in someone’s office or home. How did humanity come to this?

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