Child’s Play: Study Claims Men Are Immature Until 43

Child’s Play: Studies Claim Men Are Immature Until 43
Recent survey findings conducted by a British team found that both men and women came to a consensus that men don’t grow up until they reach their 40s.
The study was commissioned by Nickelodeon UK in an attempt to publicize the launch of their new television show. It shed light on how the two genders agreed that men remain immature until the age of 43. The study showed that women mature at 32 years of age.
''As a man, especially one who works for a children's channel, the question if men ever reach maturity is one I am well accustomed to," Tim Patterson, vice president and director of programming for Nickelodeon UK said.
Eight out of 10 women reasoned that men remain childish from how they constantly play video games, eat fast food in the wee hours of the morning, break wind, stay silent during arguments, are unable to cook simple meals, retell old jokes and stories.
Men who were surveyed were twice more likely to admit to being childish than women were. A fourth of men believe themselves to be actively childish.
30 percent of the women said that they have ended a relationship because the man was too immature. 46 percent claimed that they were involved in relationships where they had to “mother” their partners a little bit too much.
Man. Women can be so viciously biased towards the opposite sex even when unprovoked. There is no pleasing them.
Information Source: NBC News

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