A One-Way Ticket To Mars

One-Way Ticket To Mars
A project named Mars One is looking for applicants by 2023 to establish a human settlement in Mars. All nationalities above the age of 18 are welcomed to apply for a one-way ticket to live out the rest of their lives on this cold, hostile planet.
Remember all those times in primary school when you were frequently asked about your dream occupation and almost 70% of the class would proudly proclaim that they desired to be an astronaut? As you grow up, you realize how utterly stupid it was to even fathom about being an astronaut, especially in Singapore and the dream just fizzles out. However, that is a futile wish no longer, as Mars One offers the opportunity to anyone and everyone who dreams about becoming great explorers of the world beyond us. 
One-Way Ticket To Mars
The Mars One mission could most likely end up in disaster or the next giant leap for mankind. Regardless of which, already 20,000 people from all around the world has applied to be part of the first human community to be set up outside Earth.
As appealing as it may sound to emigrate to Mars, before you jump at the chance of it, you will have to take into account that if you actually did apply for this mission, it would mean permanently living on Mars. Forget friends, forget family, and forget playing DOTA or WoW late into the night because you will never be going back to planet Earth again.
One-Way Ticket To Mars
Now, I am not coming up with a conspiracy theory as to how this project might be aimed to lure you to Mars so that crazy scientists can carry out sick experiments on your body, but they did mention that you should abandon all hopes of ever returning. For reasons (or excuses) given such as how inconvenient and almost impossible it is to obtain “a fully assembled and fueled launch vehicle (rocket)” capable of multiple feats, and something about how the human body will not be able to adjust back to the greater gravitational pull on Earth after a prolonged stay on Mars.
“A central point to Mars One's mission is the emigration of the human astronauts. Mars becomes their new home, where they will live and work for what will likely be the remainder of their lives.” If that sentence quoted from their website is not morbidly disturbing, I don’t know what is.
For further enticement from them, they promise “safe living facilities, clean air and potable water, food rations until plants may be grown in green houses and hydroponic facilities, and the essentials for intellectual stimulation on a planet which is cold, desolate, and without many life giving qualities.”
Unfortunately what they will not be able to provide are computers, clothing, specialty foods (chocolate, coffee, and tea), and complex spare parts because those items cannot be readily reproduced with Mars based 3D printers and computer aided mills, but that’s all hunky-dory because they believe that, “after the first humans arrive, it is expected the astronauts will be able to create and improve their own habitation using local materials.”
One-Way Ticket To Mars
Basically they would throw you out into a foreign planet to fend for yourself and expect you to be one of the first primitive cavemen-like human beings on Mars for them to study and maybe laugh about. Sounds like a tempting offer.
Check out the video below of Mars One’s awe-inspiring, persuasive message.
For more information on Mars One, please visit their website here where you are able to apply for the mission and/or vote for your preferred applicants.

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