Yaw Shin Leong must clear the air


The air needs to be cleared. The rumors swirling around Mr Yaw Shin Leong which have now led to his fall from grace are still just that: Rumors and hearsay. 

The public needs to be reminded that it cannot convict someone based on anecdotal evidence and accusations alone. The fact that both the online and mainstream news outlets have been unable to offer up hard proof; a name, a face or even a sex tape, something that will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr Yaw is guilty of the adultery that he has been accused of, begs the question - how reliable are the charges?

And yet why is it that the court of public opinion has been all too ready to condemn Mr Yaw? Mr Yaw’s silence on the matter has not helped sway public opinion in his favor. There is also the problem that many diehard Workers Party (WP) supporters have been left disappointed and disillusioned over the WP’s very poor handling of the entire fiasco.

Yes. The entire matter has been a fiasco.  Keeping silent has only let things spiral out of control not only for Mr Yaw, but for the WP as well. The deafening silence only served to provide more fodder for speculation to run rampant and for the party’s critics to mercilessly attack its reputation. To be frank, it is a black eye that the party may never recover from. The silence on the WP’s part and subsequent sacking of Mr Yaw has only come off as the party trying to save its own skin instead of standing by a long time loyal member. It has angered many WP supporters for sure with this course of face saving. Do not be surprised if WP voters in Hougang choose to cast protest votes instead of standing by their adopted party.

Mr Yaw’s legacy is now tainted forever for history to see by remaining quiet. However, it is still not too late to clear the air. Mr Yaw may have lost his parliamentary seat and his party standing, but he can, and should still come out with his own statement and clear the air once and for all. He must tell the public firmly and absolutely what is his side of the story. If he has committed folly then he should ask for absolution. If he is innocent then he should stand up for himself. Yaw Shin Leong has done too much good work over his political career to let it all go to waste via damning silence.

To those who would be quick to condemn the man, let the idiom: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, serve as a reminder that we as a society must not be too quick to lynch a man with naught but accusations as proof. To do so would be a perversion of justice and an ugly reflection of the kind of people we have all become.

Mr Yaw. Now is the time. Speak up.

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