Juveniles on death row in the States


Mr Kazama, a photographer based in New York City, was here on 26 October 2011 to present his photographs and his story about his subjects – juveniles on death row in the States – in a private, via invitation only event jointly organized by Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign and We Believe in Second Chances.

His photographs include the electronic chair (in Alabama’s prison, it was nicknamed the Yellow Mama because of its “motherly feel”), lethal injection chamber, execution chamber of Taiwan, prison cemeteries, death row inmates (16 – 18 year olds, ranging from those who were at the wrong place and the wrong time as well as those who had committed serious crimes), and both family members of the inmates and victims of the crimes.

Our photographer was there to cover the event and you can view pictures of the audience and their reactions below (click on preview image for bigger photo)


You can also read more on the event by visiting publichouse.sg, link to article here

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