Presenting Well

Presenting_WellWhether to impress your boss or to keep your audience attentive, good presentation skills is a must. Create good slides with our few guidelines here!

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Liven Up Your Life

Liven_Up_Your_DayGoing through the same routine five days a week may prove to be a little too daunting and even too much to bear for some. Top this off with common setbacks at work such as getting passed over for a promotion, negative thoughts come rushing in, your work productivity goes down, and things just seem to go downhill the entire week – until the weekend arrives of course. But this doesn't have to be the case. Liven your life – even during work week – with these three simple tips!

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Identify a Liar

Identify_a_LiarWhether negotiating an important work deal or determining if a new colleague's a friend or foe, being able to tell if someone is lying is a handy skill. Here are some tell tale signs.

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Four Common Obstacles to your Dream Job

Four_Common_Obstacles_to_your_Dream_JobAvoid or overcome these common obstacles to get your dream job!

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Great Conversation Starters

Great_Conversation_StartersEver, in long silence, rode an elevator 20 levels up with a colleague or your boss? Or often face awkward pauses in between conversations with acquaintances? Here are some conversation starters and fillers, handy for these unpleasant yet common moments.

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