Post Holiday Blues

Post_Holiday_BluesYour holiday is so good, you dread returning back to dreary old work. Your work momentum has been disrupted and it is tough to be motivated again. Here's our suggestions on how to rid of the restlessness and get back the groove again.

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Gaining Experience

Experience is often what differentiates one from the rest of the bunch of fresh graduates, unless for certain industries where grades matter significantly of course. How does one gain such valuable add on's to their resume? Here are some ways.

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Worrying Ways and How to Stop

Worrying can cause you sleepless nights, make you all jittery and unhappy, and even result in behaviours that would have people shunning you. But no matter how much you worry, your problem will not be solved. We take a look at three worrying ways and how to stop them today.

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Tips for the New

The first day, or week, at work often unsettles one. Not for fear of the incompetence at work, but not being accepted by colleagues, defying company culture or unwittingly stepping on your superior's toes. How then does one cope? Here are three tips for the newbies.

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Simple Ways to Destress

As much as we would love a holiday, no matter how quick, sometimes life just does not render us the luxury. That is not to say we will not be able to relax and recharge after work. Here are some simple ways to destress without leaving the country.

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