Communicating Clearly

Communication is key in the workplace, be it passing on information to your colleague or superior, or to clinch that all-important deal with your client. There are many forms of communication but here we touch on how to communicate better in a face to face situation.

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If you find yourself in a work etiquette dilemma every so often, check out, which dishes out useful advice and news on public relations, marketing, social media and the media worlds.

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A Resolute 2013

A new year is exciting for it represents a clean slate and brings about hopes of fulfilling our dreams whatever they may be. But as young adults and graduates with commitments and responsibilities galore, we struggle with undesirable habits and work to blame for our procrastination which leads to a postponement of the same new year resolutions to the next year. Our advice? Choose quality over quantity, streamline those lofty goals into specific goals and read on for more!

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20 Ways to be a Better Worker

In addition to my work as an Education & Personal Excellence coach and speaker, I also work a full-time job as a project engineer, a fruitful experience whereby I’ve learned a lot about how things work in the corporate world.

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Google Guide

Ever been frustrated unable to find a website or information you know exist somewhere in the world wide web only to have your friend conjuring it up in a jiffy? Here's some tips on how not to come up short on Google or simply to speed up the search. 

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