The Basics of Crafting your Investment Strategy

As the global economy heads towards the path of recovery, corporate earnings have started to pick up. The stock market, being an indicator, remains bullish as a result of that.

However, many investors are still reeling from the impact of the global financial crisis that swept across the world in 2008. Many are undecided on whether to invest in the stock market despite the substantial recovery of the markets.

The million-dollar question is: Is it the time to buy now? If the time is ripe, which stocks to buy? Should I engage in speculation?

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Confessions of a Credit Card

Picking me up is as easy as picking up lunch at the cafeteria after work these days. You can get one when you pop downstairs to the commercial shopping areas if you are working in the Central Business District, by the bank at the corner of the heartlands if you are working there, or online on your iPhone if you are working in some forsakened part of Singapore.

With just a minimum of S$30,000 per annum requirement, fresh graduates often apply for a credit card, anxious to embark on their long awaited shopping spree, thinking that they benefit from enjoying the bargains from all the gourmet privileges. Some imagine themselves smart enough to pay up on time while enjoying all the privileges and rewards that come with me.

But few know that I'm the top ranking cause for bankruptcy among the age group 20 to 30. While I may be a convenient electronic tool, especially when traveling overseas, not everybody knows how to use me wisely and they often spin out of control. That is when I end up driving you to success… I am the reason you have to work hard... to pay off your debts!

So how did that happen, you ask? Well, simple. Here's some reasons why.

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