You Snooze You Lose: Banker’s Power Nap Costs German Bank €222 Million

You Snooze You Lose: Banker’s Power Nap Costs German Bank €222 Million
Constantly burning your retinas staring at the computer screen and furiously typing out figures can be a boring, mundane task that can very easily put anyone to sleep. For a German banker, he succumbed to the drowsiness, and accidentally transferred a man €222,222,222.22 (SGD$373,672,888.89) when he dozed off on his keyboard.
The banker was initially assigned to transfer a small sum of €62.40 ($104.93) to the account of a retiree but ended up transferring over €222 million since there was no espresso in the bank’s employee cafe and he “fell asleep for an instant, while pushing onto the number 2 key on the keyboard,” according to statements made in the Hessen labour court.
Needless to say, the banker got into deep shit for his cap-nap that resulted in the bank almost losing hundreds of millions of Euros. Though the bank discovered the mistake and rectified it promptly, the case was taken to court not by the bank itself, but by the banker’s colleague, a 48-year-old supervisor who has worked for the bank since 1986. After which, she was fired for not checking the order amount when it was her responsibility to verify it. That should show her for being such an unrelenting tatter-tale. 
The court ruled that the supervisor should receive a warning instead of being laid off, and ruled that she should be reinstated. I am pretty sure that the supervisor is not going to act like a whiny bitch to anyone anytime soon.
Anyone looking for a windfall, I suggest to open an account with a German bank and feverishly hope and pray that one of ze Germans might commit the same offence again, this time with the bank realizing it only after it’s too late.
Information Source: NY Daily News

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