EQ and You

Sick of regretting an unprofessional outburst or rubbing your boss the wrong way? Then join certified life skills coach Chiang Wen-Wei for "EQ and You" on 9 October 2010, and learn simple yet powerful techniques to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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Start Planning an Event Today

If you’ve never had the opportunity to plan, how about dipping your hand in the honey pot and kick-start your planning journey? Event-planning skills could potentially be useful at work, be it for your boss’s birthday or a farewell party for your colleague.

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Basic Stress Relievers

Stressed out on Monday already? Every job comes with its own set of stress, be it for a CEO or a work-from-home mom. However, not neglecting certain aspects of your life and managing them well will help you in finishing the race without burning out. Here are four areas of your daily life to take note of to prevent stress and tips to beat it.

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The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is an innovative approach to productivity developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. In essence, it suggests having five-minute breaks for every 25-minute work interval, which is named 'pomodoro' (tomato in Italian) after the classic kitchen timer used by the concept's creator.

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Six Steps to Simplify your Worklife

With the amount of work placed on your desk before you start work, from emails and meetings to colleagues' queries, the bombardment of senses is enough to cause a headache even before take your seat.

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