Total Recall: 10 Methods To Remember Important Stuff

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Are you absolutely horrible at memorizing lines for a presentation or mathematical formulas for an examination? Do you want your memory to be a little better without having resort to taking any kind of medication? Too many times, people find themselves stuck in time trying to recall something that they know it is on the tip of their minds but simply just can’t. If that happens to you too, you might want to try out some of these brain hacks to help with your memory… if you can remember to use any of these methods that is…

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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Also Your Bestfriend

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It is said that the best relationship to have is one where you and your significant other behave both like lovers and bestfriends. As corny as it sounds, friendship is really an important keystone to a happily ever after. If your man can make you laugh, cheer you up when you are having a bad day, and talk to you for hours on end, he could be a keeper. This is for all your girls out there whether you are already in a relationship or still looking for your prince charming.

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Hanging On

As parents, there are few things which are as precious to you as your children. In fact, for most parents, there is nothing of more value. When our children fall sick, our hearts ache a little to see how they suffer.

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How To Deal With Cyberbullying

Recently there was a conflagration online over what seemed to be a simple matter. No, I'm not talking about the Messiah hacking government linked websites. Although the hacking incidents have largely overshadowed this matter that alluding to and thus helped obscure the public's attention over it. 

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Tips For Surviving A Building Collapse

Jem Mall
In light of the recent first floor ceiling collapse at the JEM mall, we thought we should come up with this guide with tips on what you should do in the event of a building collapse. We hope you find this guide useful to you and that the events in JEM never repeat themselves again in Singapore.

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