Dealing with "No" Men

Dealing_with_NegativityIt is depressing to hang about people who are negative; fighting their negative thoughts could be real tiring. What's worse, their comments may affect you so much you may be so discouraged you give up on your dreams. Don't let that happen. Deal with negativity with our tips here!

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Beat Post-vacation Blues

Post-vacation_BluesThe thought of taking a week-long leave always thrills me for it means I could travel to countries further away. But there's one thing that would set me back without fail and that is post-vacation blues.

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Can't Sit Still? Then Don't!

Cant_Sit_Still_Then_Dont90 per cent of the time, most of us working people are sitting down when in office. Well, at least for the desk-bound people. And for those who – like myself – are noticing weight gain and an expanding bottom after graduation despite no significant increase in our food intake, you would sooner or later realise that sitting down too much in the office may be the cause of this negative gain. 

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Accept Compliments Graciously

When was the last time someone complimented you, be it for as minor a thing as a nice dress or a great report done at work? How did you respond to that compliment? Did you disagree with that or did you discount your work as something "anyone could have done"? Or worse, did you feel so awkward that you shied away to a corner? What exactly is the right way of replying to one's compliment(s)?

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How to Focus

Have you ever tried studying or writing your report for hours at end without avail? Distractions from a buzzing mosquito to colleagues making small talks keep you from focusing and finishing the task on hand efficiently. So how do we focus? Here are some tips to help you gain focus.

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