The Perfect Present

Everyone knows it is only polite to accept a gift with gratitude, but actually liking it and being thankful to the giver is another matter. In fact, some might even find gifts to be a waste of space. So, to prevent that, choose your gift wisely to maximise every dollar spent. Here are some tips!

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Dealing with Anxiety

Ever felt that there is just too much to be done that you don't know where or what to start with? Or that something bad might just happen and spoil your well prepared project or event? While there might be sufficient cause to be concerned, worrying at times makes the process extra painful and forbids us from focusing on the task at hand. In really bad cases, it might even affect our health. Here are some ways to deal with anxiety.

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Liven Up Your Life

Liven_Up_Your_DayGoing through the same routine five days a week may prove to be a little too daunting and even too much to bear for some. Top this off with common setbacks at work such as getting passed over for a promotion, negative thoughts come rushing in, your work productivity goes down, and things just seem to go downhill the entire week – until the weekend arrives of course. But this doesn't have to be the case. Liven your life – even during work week – with these three simple tips!

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Identify a Liar

Identify_a_LiarWhether negotiating an important work deal or determining if a new colleague's a friend or foe, being able to tell if someone is lying is a handy skill. Here are some tell tale signs.

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Great Conversation Starters

Great_Conversation_StartersEver, in long silence, rode an elevator 20 levels up with a colleague or your boss? Or often face awkward pauses in between conversations with acquaintances? Here are some conversation starters and fillers, handy for these unpleasant yet common moments.

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