7 Problems Only Introverts Can Relate To

introvert problems
Somehow being an introvert is the 'IN' thing now for some reason. Many people (especially hipsters) claim to be introverts, but true introverts when they can help it, do not reveal much about themselves, let alone announce to everyone that they are introverts. Only a true introvert would be able to relate to these problems and struggles other introverts face on a weekly basis.
1. Finding A Legit Excuse Not To Go Out
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Your friends call you up for a night out and won't take no for an answer because apparently according to them you have isolated yourself from the outside world for a couple of months now. You know they all secretly think that you are borderline depressed, when in actual fact, you just really like bumming around the house, eating all the junk food you have and not having to subject yourself to meeting new people. Good luck coming up with an excuse to weasel out of this one without making your friends come over to drag you kicking and screaming into society.
2. Starting A Conversation With Someone At A Party
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Well let's face it, you do not start a conversation with anyone. You just awkwardly stand around, not knowing what to do with your hands, trying to fade into the background and praying that no one notices you. But someone does. It's one of those over-friendly strangers you meet in parties that wants to know everything about you. The person comes over and tries to initiate a conversation with you but all you can think up is one word replies and forced smiles. You feel extremely bad and uneasy but have no idea what to do.
3. Ending A Conversation With Someone At A Party
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So after creeping the guy out with your darty eyes, twitchy movements and soft-spoken one word replies, you would like to get the hell out of the embarrassing hole you dug yourself into. But how? What do you do? Do you simply walk away? Or manage to muster a “It's been great talking to you” without tripping over the words ? Or frantically look for someone you know? Or when the person takes his eye off you for a couple of seconds, make a break for it?
4. Making Your Social Media Pages Look Like Your Life Is Exciting
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You do this because you don't want your friends and family members to worry about you or worse, feel sympathetic. So occasionally (by occasionally I mean once every month or lesser) you stare at the screen and wonder what to type that will remind everyone that you are still alive.
5. Getting Someone To Leave The House
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Because you don't feel like going out, your friends are nice enough to come over to your place to hang. Yeah you do like them, but at some point in time, you will decide that you had had enough of their company for a day and the time seems to drag on and on forever while you fervently wish they will leave. You can't possibly straight up tell them to get the hell out of your house because you will come across sounding like a dick, even if you could pluck up the courage to. So you suffer in silence and wait around in excruciating awkwardness as you mentally will them to leave. Maybe try yawning a lot and insinuating that you are tired.
6. Feeling Lonely While Not Wanting To Be Around People
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We introverts have this constant conflicting problem. We do not really want to be around people much, but at the same time we can't help but feel lonely. That's a Catch-22 right there. So most of the time we take to talking to random people on the internet.
7. Figuring Out How To Leave A Gathering Early
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Someone mysteriously managed to drag you into a social gathering and everyone has been making small talk for the past 2 hours while you stand around hating your life. You know that if you hear how hot the weather is for the 1000th time, you will scream. Besides, the dinner is over already anyway, so maybe you could leave. But no one has left yet, so how are you going to go about doing it? If you just sneak out, your friends would get pissed. But if you announce your departure, not only will you feel anxious about addressing an entire group, you also have to deal with everyone begging you to stay. Best thing to do is to suffer in silence and mope around until someone else leaves and you can follow suit.
Did any of these problems strike a nail in the head? Share this with your other introvert friends to let them know you know them feels.

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